Monday, October 8, 2012

Design On A Budget

My Ikea Dining Room Fabulous Finds

Ikea White "Mantel" Picture Ledge $9.99

Ikea Short Silver Candle Holder $7.99

Ikea Tall Silver Candle Holder $9.99

The Large Picture($39.99) is no longer available but this is the same Ikea Designer
Audrey Hepburn Wall Art $39.99

Ikea Round Candles $1.99

Ikea Glass Buffet $139.00

Most the the frames are from Homegoods ranging on clearance ranging from $3.00-$6.00
The Tall Vase is from Tjmaxx $9.99
Small Silver Frame ( a gift from Niki GlossyBlonde)
Tall Flameless Candles random clearance finds at Crate and Barrel and Homegoods. go shop until you drop ;)
-Liz xoxo


  1. I love ikea! They're all such great finds but I am especially loving that mantel picture ledge and the silver candle holders!

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