Friday, October 19, 2012

save your energy....don't shampoo everyday!

If you don't have very oily hair...
try shampooing every other day!

TIP: everyday shampoo routine=shampoo twice then condition!
  1. do a quick lather and rinse
  2. get a nice lather, do a good scrub and head massage
  3. condition! use the dollop the size of a quarter. lather it into the ends of your hair ONLY! use a comb to run it through. leave in for 3-5 mins and rinse!
simple deep conditioning
  1. add a moisture conditioner to the ends of your hair ( add to root area only if you have a VERY dry scalp)
  2. clip hair up and put on a shower cap
  3. shave your legs!
  4. now time to rinse out the conditioner!


  1. I love the deep conditioning tip! I do this when I don't have enough time to leave it in for awhile! It's so good!

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